Books in print


Garden Style
1998 ISBN 0-7112-0487-X. Publishers Frances Lincoln, London / Little Brown New York / Willow Creek.

Plants in Garden History
1992 ISBN 1-85145-545-0
publishers Pavilion London / Simon & Schuster New York as ‘Gardening Through the Ages’

Penelope Hobhouse on Gardening
1994 ISBN 0-7112-0816-6
publishers Frances Lincoln, London / McMillans New York

Penelope Hobhouse’s Garden Designs 1997 ISBN 0-7112-1116-7
publishers Frances Lincoln, London / Henry Holt New York

Penelope Hobhouse’s Natural Planting

1997 ISBN 0-8050-4490-6
publishers Pavilion London / Henry Holt New York

A Gardeners Journal
1997 ISBN 0-7112-1188-4
publishers Frances Lincoln 1997 London / Willow Creek USA

Gardens of Italy
A Touring Guide’ 1998 ISBN 1-85732-896-5
publishers Mitchell Beazley, London / Princeton USA

Other Books

The Country Gardener 1976 ISBN 0-7112-0576
publishers Phaidon / Frances Lincoln, London 1989 / Little Brown, New York

The Smaller Garden 1981 ISBN 0-00-216644-5
publishers Collins, London

Gertrude Jekyll on Gardening 1983
publishers Collins, London / David Godine, Boston

Private Gardens of England 1985 ISBN 0-517-56267-7
publishers Weidenfeld, London / Harmony, New York

The National Trust: A Book of Gardening 1986 ISBN1-85145-014-9
publishers Pavilion, London

Colour In Your Garden 1985 ISBN 0-00-217142-2
publishers Collins, London / Little Brown, New York

The National Trust Gardening Guides Series editor author of ‘Borders’ 1989 ISBN 1-85145-854-9
publishers Pavilion, London

Flower Gardens 1991 ISBN 0-8050-4490-6
publishers Frances Lincoln, London / Little Brown, New York



The Story of Gardening Dorling Kindersley

November 2003
The Gardens of Persia
Cassell - Illustrated

Other Books

Penelope Hobhouse in association with Christopher Wood

Painted Gardens; English Watercolours 1850-1914’ 1988 ISBN 1-85145-164-1
paperback ISBN 1-85145-638-4
publishers Pavilion, London

As editors Penelope Hobhouse with Patrick Taylor

The Gardens of Europe 1990 ISBN 0-540-01213-0 publishers George Philip, London / Random House, New York

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